The Muppets Tell the Story of A Short-Lived Smart Assistant

Who Was Break-R and What Happened to Him?

In the recent episode called “Muppet Labs Field Test”. Dr Bunsen builds an AI integrated Muppets smart assistant much like the real-life Amazon Echo. Just like our daily smart speakers allow us to set reminders, schedule tasks and answer questions, BREAK-R does so too.

How Does the Episode Signify the Growth of Voice Technology?

This segment only goes on to show how significantly voice technology has risen to power. We still remember the time when Jim Henson used a frog puppet to sing a song about how difficult it was being green.

This Has Happened Before — Remember The Simpsons!

A similar segment happened last year in The Simpsons too! The episode The Thanksgiving of Horrors showed a similar smart assistant — with its own unique voice and capabilities integrated with a smart home.

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Tapaan Chauhan

Tapaan Chauhan

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