Google testing project relate as a voice recognition app for people with speech impairments

Tapaan Chauhan
2 min readNov 27, 2021

Google is testing an android app to develop wider communication options for people with speech impairments. As per Google, this new app is going to be called Project Relate as it’s specially designed to make communication easier for people with speech impairments. To improve speech recognition technology Google is all set to accept applications from others with difficulty being understood for participating in refining speech recognition tools.

Google and Project Relate

For those who face difficulty while making Google assistant understand can now download the app and record few phrases to make AI learn how they speak. And then they are all set to use this as a great medium to communicate. They can use it as a common voice assistant to control smart devices or ask any enquiries and also they can use it to make other understand their words.

Also currently, Project Relate is searching for some people who can speak English of countries like United States, Cananda, Australia. The chosen persons for beta will have to download the app and record at least 500 phrases to make AI learn about their way of speaking.

“For millions of people, being able to speak and be understood can be difficult as a result of conditions that can impact speech, including stroke, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury or Parkinson’s disease. Today, we’re inviting an initial group of people to test Project Relate, a new Android app that aims to help people with speech impairments communicate more easily with others and interact with the Google Assistant,” Google AI project manager Julie Cattiau states in a shared blog post by Google. “Project Relate is a continuation of years of research from both Google’s Speech and Research teams, made possible by over a million speech samples recorded by participants of our research effort.”

The whole process of developing Project Relate was started back in 2019 with a data program called Euphonia, where they gathered multiple types of voices to test how people with unique speech abilities talk.

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