Control4‌ ‌Chime‌

Design and implementation of Control4 Chime

Control4 Chime: Functions & Usage

Chime: Intercom Anywhere from Control4 and Smart Home OS 3

Intercom Anywhere was mentioned earlier, and yes, you are still utilising it to handle your Chime interactions.

Alternatives to Control4 Chime

While the Chime is still the most affordable native Control4 door buzzer, there are now another premium smart home ecosystem options that are comparable in price.

Chime Control4

The Chime is an excellent complement to your Control4 setup, especially if you don’t live in a vast estate where the DS2 intercom would be excessive. Its sleek, doorbell-like form blends in much better in ‘regular-sized homes, and the technical specifications have been improved. Aside from a few minor software quirks, I’d strongly recommend the Chime to anyone trying to make their Control4 system more mainstream.

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