Android driving mode to get more upgrades including Google assistant smart replies, voice-enabled music search

Tapaan Chauhan
2 min readDec 23, 2021

Google has introduced a bunch of new Google Assistant features to the android operating system. The new features include updates like Google assistant smart replies, voice-enabled music search and additional features to Family bell proactive alerts.

Auto driving mode and Google

Talking about the new updates, this will allow users to send a quick suggested reply just by a single click or they can just opt for dictating a message and send it via voice command. Additionally, the display will have a play button and a searching button to keep playing and searching for songs, also they can just control playing or searching music just by commanding. As of now, some androids has also become capable of controlling the locks ignition of some BMW car models. However, the only limitations of these updates are they are only accessible to Pixel6, Pixel 6 pro and Samsung Galaxy S12 smartphones users. Although Google have decided to extend its’ availability in other ranges of smartphones and cars soon.

Family bell proactive alarm has also been updated along with others. Till now, users could set a custom reminder for Google assistant to remind them by reading the text out loud. However, the feature was only available in Nest smart speakers but with this recent update, it can be accessed by any smartphone having Google assistant.

Through these upgrades and new features, Google is determined to encourage drivers to use Android devices as the operating system has opened way more options to drivers such as paying for gas just by commanding.

“Whether you’re driving home for the holidays or simply going to the store for some last-minute groceries, a suite of updates enhances just how helpful Android can be on the road,” Google Assistant interaction designer Tiffany Yang stated in a Blog while announcing these upgrades.

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