Android Auto Faces Google Assistant Lag Causing a Reddit Uproar

Recent complaints from users about the potential lag faced by Google Assistant on the Android Auto platform made the tech giant raise its eyebrows. Google is apparently looking into the possible loopholes causing this faulty lag.

Several users took to Reddit to express their disappointment in how the voice assistant is taking too long to respond to voice commands. The complaints are the latest of all the several comments posted earlier this summer.

Masses speculate that it might be due to the numerous upgrades the platform underwent this year.

Google Assistant is Failing to Keep Up

Most of the reports pertaining to the complaint claim that users are visibly upset that Google Assistant is several behinds on the Android Auto platform. At times, the voice assistant may even cut off before the user is done with their sentence.

This might call for a second round of dictation from the speaker, which undoubtedly becomes annoying. The issue seems localized to Android Auto platforms in cars, as users did not face a similar problem on mobile or other devices.

The forum posts state that the problem rose to prominence when the new Android Auto interface rolled out earlier this year. Solving it presently demands a reset of the earlier setup of Google Assistant.

Google’s Response

However, Google did respond to one of the forum posts stating that their team is currently investigating the issue. Revelation of any specific deadline by which the issue shall resolve has not been out yet, at least from Google’s side.

At least the company is taking active sets and reverting back to the complaints, assuring its customers that it’s working on it. This time it’s quite unlike the year when it took Google almost ages to announce that it is looking into the Bluetooth bug!

Possible Fix of the Issue

Presumably, Google will roll out another update to fix the issues of the present one. On the other hand, Android Auto is anyway set to receive some major upgrades soon! The upcoming upgrade is mostly going to add a brand new calendar interface, actively connected to the navigation and phone apps.

This shall be the replacement character for the one that got removed last year from Android Auto. It will allow drivers to access the settings of the app directly, instead of having to use the phone app each time.

Upcoming Launch — Android Automotive

Android Automotive is going to be Android Auto’s sister platform, which is set to show up in a lot of automobiles, thanks to Google. This might also be the reason why Google will analyze and fix the bugs with an intent eye to garner positive feedback.

Google is corroborating with Groupe PSA, an automobile giant featuring more than a dozen major European car brands. It is through this collaboration that Android Automotive will see the light of day, as they will install it in Citroën, Peugeot, and the other four-wheelers starting in 2023. Android Automotive and Android Auto are significantly different.

The former is a platform controlled by Google Assistant while the latter connects a vehicle to Google Assistant through a smartphone. Volvo already integrated the Android Automotive to its Polestar 2, and no similar complaints surfaced in the usual forums so far.

Tough Battle

There is a major battle going on between Google, Amazon, Clarence, and SoundHound, where all three are utilizing voice technology to transform the automobile sector. With such tough competition and steadfast development, no company would like to cause inconveniences to their customers that might make them switch.

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