Amazon making Alexa audio Ads way more interacting

Amazon in their recent Unboxed event announced new ways to interact with audio ads played by Alexa devices. Now with this upgradation listeners can interact with ad’s context very quickly and lively. They just can directly command Alexa to add the product shown in the ad to their cart or ask for further information about the product. So it’s got pretty advanced right ? Let’s see what more it has to offer.

About ‘Interactive Audio’

This new upgradation typically aims to make the process of hearing and buying products easy. It’s the new way of encouraging users to engage with voice ad and buying products without any problems interrupting the transaction. The main goal of this interactive audio is to make listeners feel the ad more natural and increasing the effectiveness of advertisement. Even the advertising brand will also going to get the insights of how listeners reacted to their advertisement and whether they moved forward for a transaction or not, so that according to the insight they can design and produce their interactive ads.

“With so many screens and an endless stream of information drawing the attention of consumers, it can sometimes be challenging for brands to stand out. Interactive ads, however, can help brands connect more effectively with their audiences by inviting them to actively engage with an ad in an immersive way,” — Amazon.

Also Amazon has started beta test for it’s interactive ad’s video version. This strategy aims to enable viewers streaming TV shows to make a purchase using their voices in response to interactive ads.

However, besides this new interactive audio ad the official announcement didn’t mention another interactive ad test which is silently running through third-party Alexa voice games and it looks like a policy revision is coming on the way.

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