Alexa is formally a chatbot. Recently, Amazon started revealing another component on iOS that empowers clients to type their solicitations to Alexa and see reactions on the screen. This is one more update Amazon has made for the current year in its Alexa versatile application as the organization endeavors to…

Orange chose to quit selling its Djingo keen speaker, and it didn’t get a lot of notice. However, it is believed to be critical. It shows that even a $30 billion telecom goliath can’t contend with any semblance of Google and Amazon (unexpectedly, they were utilizing SoundHound innovation, which is…

Unique smart home voice assistants will do more than $164 billion worth of exchanges in 2025, as indicated by a report from Juniper Research. …

Police Scotland is proposing permitting residents to report violations utilizing voice assistants like Siri or Alexa. The thought is essential for a draft system put together by Police Scotland, the public police power, to the Scottish Police Authority, which directs and controls the law requirement office.

The proposition by Police…

While you are opting smart home automation you might not want to fold your blinds manually anymore. And for that, if you are looking for some best brand suggestions for smart blinds, then here is a list of some best advanced quality choices and options available for you.

Looking over the rising popularity of smart TVs Amazon is going to launch the most awaited new version of Fire TV, Fire TV Stick 4K Max along with their own smart TV, Omni-Series with 4K Ultra HD and the 4-Series with 4K Ultra HD.

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Overview and functionalities

These versions of Fire TV series…

Facebook recently announced the launching of their best two smart speakers, the portal Go and Portal plus to make your video chatting experience better. With advanced features and technology, these devices will make going to set another milestone in the market of smart displays.

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Overview and features of Portal go

As Facebook is claiming portal go

After being relaunched as a cloud based mobile app service, Homey is now all set to give users new experience as a completely free application to connect all your smart home devices in one click.

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Overview and functionalities

With the use of Homey the whole house can be in a single screen. This…

Smart Home technology company Thinka has launched the world’s first Apple Homekit-certified Z-wave controller which is specially designed for users who use Homekit as their home automation platform. With their new Z-wave hub users can have access to more products, functionalities, apps and automations such as geofencing and adaptive lighting…

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